Magento vs Shopify

Magento vs Shopify - The opinion of a Ex Magento developer turned Shopify Expert.

Magento has large brands such as Nike, Ford, Samsung and Olympus in its portfolio and Magento still covers only about 14% of the e-commerce platform scene. On the heels of Shopify Plus, the fastest growing platform in the world in 2016.

Magento, like Prestashop, can be downloaded for free to be installed on a machine. But, and here we have the biggest difference of all, Magento is not without headaches. You will need someone on the computer with an intermediate level of programming and you will have to choose your own hosting provider. If you choose an inexpensive hosting solution, you are likely to start having performance problems once your client list and activity increases. Shopify gives you unlimited bandwidth, regardless of your size.

Free Dedicated Hosting

With Shopify you do not need to have a contracted hosting enviroment or to do any installation. Your Shopify shop can be up and running in a few hours without the need for technical expertise or extra investment. By selecting Magento, you will need to hire your hosting solution and also have a thorough knowledge of programming and databases.

Multi-device design

Both platforms offer you a wide range of templates to choose from. Shopify templates are between £0 and £180 and Magento between £0 and £500. Shopify templates have a clean, fault-free code and all contain a responsive design. Magento is an open source community so make sure you are buying the theme of a professional designer and that this fits the mobile correctly.

PCI Compliance

Shopify is PCI Compliance from start to finish. The Shopify SSL certificate securely covers sections such as your customers' registration, payments and addresses. Magento is based on free software, making it more vulnerable against cyber attacks.

Automatic Updates

All updates, including security patches, are made in your Shopify store automatically, without having to worry about anything. With Magento you will have to perform the updates manually.

Shopify Free trial

If you are still not sure that Shopify is your solution, you can run a free trial for 14 days without any commitment.

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