❗ I’m seeing ALOT of misinformation about Faceapp. ❗

The MSM ran false stories over a tweet that the guy has now come out and said is completely false, you would think the MSM would do just a little bit of research before putting out false information.

Just type Faceapp in Google news it’s just a page of misinformation.



  1. Faceapp does not download your entire gallery, it uses the permission to view the photos within your gallery on the client-side, no server-side uploading until you have selected a photo.

  2. Faceapp does download and cache the photo so that if you try to upload the same photo, it has a cache for quick editing, they delete the photo after 48 hours. Verified by me, I uploaded a photo, it loaded straight away when I wanted to edit again, now after 48 hours, I tried the same photo, and I had to wait for it to upload….

  3. No files are sent to Russia, the Faceapp is hosted on AWS [Amazon web services].

  4. I know many talented Russian developers, why is it the news media & people on my Facebook putting all Russians into one box?

  5. There are legitimate concerns about the wording of the privacy policy, that is it.